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The vigilante accused of holding migrants at border to appear in court today. Also on our Monday rundown: The US Supreme Court takes up including citizenship questions on the next census this week. Plus, Earth Day finds oceans becoming plastic soup.

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“Heroes” Honored Today for Speaking Up About Oral Health

February 25, 2010

BOSTON - "Heroes" in oral health will be hailed today in Boston. Legislators, doctors and community members are gathering to shine a light on those who have made a difference in creating better dental care access for kids throughout the Commonwealth. This is the fifth year for the Watch Your Mouth Coalition event.

Keynote speaker Dr. Frank Robinson, executive director of Partners for a Healthier Community, says it's a great way to celebrate the many successes helping children in underserved communities. He adds it will also raise awareness about those who still need dental care.

"We'll be sounding a warning around one of the most neglected populations, which is our seniors. Let's not lose ground that we've gained, and let's pay attention to populations that are still outside of the care system."

State Rep. John Scibeck (D-South Hadley) is being honored for his work as the co-chair of the Oral House Caucus, the first of its kind in the U.S. The caucus works with various health care advocates and legislators to promote better oral health care.

"We've got people who are demonstrating leadership, and we think it's important to acknowledge the accomplishments that they've made - and just remind people how important this is and that oral health is a crucial part of their overall health."

Also among the honorees are State Sen. Steven Panagiotakos and State Rep. Ellen Story. The event takes place at the State House in Boston at 11 a.m.

Monique Coppola, Public News Service - MA