PNS Daily Newscast - January 21, 2020 

Climate change is on the radar for rural voters in Iowa. Plus, the Senate impeachment rules.

2020Talks - January 21, 2020 

Candidates attended the Iowa Brown & Black Forum in Des Moines, and answered tough questions about their records on race. It was MLK Day, and earlier many were in South Carolina marching together to the State Capitol.

Women Take Up Fight for Climate Change Policy

March 22, 2010

LANSING, Mich. - Scientists and politicians around the world have been debating solutions to global warming, and now women are being asked to speak up about it too. A new project called "Sisters on the Planet," sponsored by Oxfam America, is pulling together prominent women from government, business, nonprofit, faith and entertainment groups, to work toward a comprehensive climate and energy bill for the United States.

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton, who is involved in the effort, says women in many countries are responsible for gathering their families' food and water, which has become more difficult in areas hit by climate-related disasters.

"So it is in each specific place that we want to work with those who are affected, on the front lines."

Lawton says a goal of the "Sisters on the Planet" movement is to focus more attention on the day-to-day impacts of global warming. She believes women should add their voices and ingenuity to finding solutions.

"We can't wait for Congress to duke it out over how we're going to lower our carbon emissions and begin to really change the cycle of climate change. "

Lawton is one of six women from around the world recognized by Oxfam America this month for their efforts to promote U.S. policy to combat the effects of climate change.

Amy Miller/Laura Thornquist, Public News Service - MI