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MN Food Drive Needs Hard Push

March 29, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS - Minnesota's largest yearly food drive has just days to go and is running way behind this year. Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign Coordinator Sue Kainz says this year's goal is to raise a combination of 12 million dollars and pounds of food, to help stock the state's more than 300 food shelves, and that they are only a quarter of the way to that goal.

"People kind of wait until the end, so that's why I guess it's really important this last week to ask people, you know, to think about how generous they can be, to remind them that the food shelves really do count on them to help them make sure nobody goes hungry in the state of Minnesota."

She says that typically the vast majority of the big gifts come in the last week, so that should help the bottom line.

Kainz says that, with such an increase in demand, this campaign will help the food shelves feed everyone in need.

"The need is absolutely huge; a 25 percent increase over 2009, which translates into about a half-a-million more visits to food shelves. The good news is that in 2009 no one was turned away."

Kainz says the March campaign represents about half of the food given away at food shelves in any given year, and is intended to stock shelves well into the summer months.

Details on how to contribute are at or at 888-315-7390.

Laura Thornquist, Public News Service - MN