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The list of accusers against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh continues to swell. Also on the Tuesday rundown: Hurricane Florence SNAPs North Carolina to attention on the importance of food benefits; plus a new report says young parents need better supports.

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Happier Renters Make Better Neighbors

May 7, 2010

PORTLAND, Ore. - Many affordable housing complexes today offer a lot more than shelter. They plan activities to help residents succeed as renters and neighbors. That means classes on money management and computer skills, community gardens and child care. Property managers say it is hard to find money for these extras, but this week, Washington County has made it a little easier, by designating a fund for resident services.

The first two developers to receive money are both members of the Oregon Opportunity Network, where executive director Cathey Briggs says she hopes other counties take note.

"We think it's really a great model and a pilot, and we would love it if other governments would look at this as a model, because we think it makes a real difference in people's lives."

One funding recipient is Community Partners for Affordable Housing. Shannon Wilson, its resident services manager, says the goal is safer, more stable rental communities, and the types of programs offered vary based on who lives there.

"It kind-of depends on the target population. Often at family properties, we provide a lot of youth services. So, that's summer and after-school programs, and some different teen programs as well."

The Washington County Office of Community Development set aside $54,000 for resident services, starting next year. It has also proposed making such a fund a regular part of the affordable housing funding process in the county.

Chris Thomas, Public News Service - OR