PNS Daily Newscast - March 22, 2019 

President Trump rattles the Middle East, saying the U.S. will recognize Israel’s authority over the Golan Heights. Also on our Friday rundown: A judge blocks laws limiting the power of the new Wisconsin governor. Plus, momentum builds across party lines to abolish the death penalty.

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Community Action KY: Warming Up Our Old Kentucky Homes

October 27, 2010

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. - As the mercury dips and energy bills rise, a social service agency is reaching out to low-income Kentuckians to help heat things up. In recognition of National Weatherization Day being observed this Friday, Community Action Kentucky will demonstrate how residents can warm their homes and save money.

Robert Jones, the group's executive director, says the Weatherization Assistance Program helps homeowners with limited resources safely brace for falling temperatures.

"As our utility bills go up, it makes home ownership much more difficult, especially for those people in the lower income levels. It can, at times, be the difference between being able to maintain home ownership or not being able to do so."

On Friday in Shelbyville, the public can view the energy efficiency improvements by Community Action Kentucky in the homes of a veteran with disabilities, and a senior citizen. Jones says such changes can add up to big savings in energy costs.

"You're going to see some homes with 10, 15, 20 percent savings. You're going to see others with substantially more - two or three times that much - depending on what type of windows, doors, insulation, sealing was done and put into the home when it was constructed."

He adds the weatherization program is helping an average of 400 single family homes each month, with plans to extend assistance to families in public housing. The weatherization program was buoyed by $70 million in federal stimulus funds. Households with incomes at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible.

Renee Shaw, Public News Service - KY