PNS Daily Newscast - January 21, 2019 

Could the nation’s airports be the next pressure points in the government shutdown? Also on our Monday rundown: Calls go out to improve food safety; and a new report renews calls for solutions to Detroit’s water woes.

Daily Newscasts

35 Years of the Great American Smoke-Out

November 16, 2010

DES MOINES, Iowa - Hundreds of thousands of Iowans still smoke, but a recent survey found over 80 percent said they wanted to quit. This Thursday is the American Cancer Society's 35th annual Great American Smoke-out, where smokers can quit for a day to prove they can, or, according to Chuck Reed, Iowa chapter spokesman, you can make plans to quit.

"I've gotten rid of all my ashtrays; I've told all my friends about it who've given me support; I've gone and gotten information at or I've called the Quitline. I've got things set up so 83 percent want to quit; this is a great day to plan to quit."

Reed says the average nationwide price of a pack of cigarettes is over five dollars, so it makes not only good sense from a health standpoint to quit, it also makes good economic sense.

"You can buy a pack of cigarettes that will shorten your life or, as the way I like to look at it is, you can put two gallons of gas in your car. Five dollars and 51 cents: that's getting a little expensive. "

He says living tobacco-free has all sorts of health benefits: after just 20 minutes of quitting, blood pressure decreases and the pulse rate drops. He adds that after 48 hours, smell and taste return and shortness of breath decreases.

Dick Layman, Public News Service - IA