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PNS Daily Newscast - November 25, 2020 

Feeding the hungry on Thanksgiving and beyond; and is that Turkey really from a family farm? (Note to Broadcasters: the newscast has been granted a holiday for Thanksgiving, but we shall return first thing Friday.)

2020Talks - November 24, 2020 

Formal transition to Biden presidency begins; key Biden Cabinet nominations to be announced today. *2020Talks will not be released 11/26 & 11/27*

Preventing Foreclosure in NH

January 19, 2011

CONCORD, N. H. - After almost 4,000 home foreclosures in New Hampshire in 2010, there seems to be little change heading into the new year. More than 200 foreclosure cases are currently pending, and the state is beefing up its efforts to let people know about alternatives and the free help available to residents facing the loss of a home.

Richard Arcand, informational representative for the New Hampshire Banking Department, says the worst thing you can do if you are in danger of foreclosure is to ignore your situation.

"The first thing is to talk to your lender; find out if they participate in the Making Home Affordable Program. They may also have another, in-house program. They may be able to modify the loan to make it more affordable."

It is also important to be aware of loan modification scammers who prey on struggling homeowners, warns Arcand.

"If someone sends you a document that has blanks in the form - says 'sign here,' and there's blanks in the form – don't sign anything you're not comfortable signing. Don't send anyone money up front for services."

If your lender is unavailable or unwilling to work with you on a loan modification, he suggests contacting a HUD-approved housing counselor. There are several around the state and their services are available free of charge. Seminars are also being offered this month to help residents facing foreclosure in Keene and Concord. For details, call (603) 271-3561 or visit

Monique Coppola, Public News Service - NH