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Wal-Mart Launches Healthy Foods Initiative

January 21, 2011

Walmart is making a commitment to promote healthier foods. The nation's largest retail chain has announced a five-year plan to lower the salt, fat and sugar in its packaged foods, as well as lower the price of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The announcement is welcome news for Catherine Luu, whose group, Share Our Strength, works to help end childhood hunger by providing families with the skills they need to prepare healthy and affordable meals.

"Specifically in California, there is an extremely high percentage of families at risk of hunger. Walmart's support and initiative will definitely allow 'Cooking Matters' and families at risk of hunger to be able to purchase and prepare low-cost meals."

Walmart is also promising to provide more charitable support for nutrition programs like "Cooking Matters," a program that helps educate low-income adults about making healthier and affordable choices at the supermarket.

Participants in "Cooking Matters" courses receive hands-on instruction from volunteer culinary and nutritional experts on how to make the most of their limited resources, she adds.

"With the skills to be empowered for a lifetime to cook and prepare meals on a daily basis, this will really increase a families' long-term investment in their health."

Luu says since the program began in 2009, more than 350 families have been helped in the Los Angeles area. A similar program was started in the San Francisco Bay area last year.

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Lori Abbott, Public News Service - CA