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CA Moves Toward Investment In On-Site Clean Energy Technologies

May 20, 2011

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A bill moving through the state Legislature would give large manufacturers more incentive to comply with the state's landmark global-warming law. The renewable-energy bill comes on the heels of a new report which finds that not only is climate change happening - most likely caused by humans - but that it'll only get worse the longer we wait.

Attorney Martin Wagner with Earthjustice says the "America's Climate Choices" report, ordered by Congress, finds that the most effective response would be to greatly reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

"I think the important thing about this report is it highlights the need for national action, which needs to create a strong national foundation and to let states take further action the way California is doing."

Assembly Bill 864, the renewable-energy bill approved by the Assembly and now moving to the Senate would give financial incentives to large industrial energy customers for investing in on-site clean energy such as wind turbines. Supporters say it's important to give large industries a chance to be green just as small homeowners are encouraged to do so.

The report suggests more investment in clean-energy technology, finding ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and most importantly, putting a price on greenhouse-gas emissions.

"A cost on carbon would move us away from the worst sources of pollution, being the dirtiest fossil fuels, like coal-fired power generation, and would level the playing field to allow us to move to the clean renewable sources of energy."

The report warns that the dangerous impacts of climate change are growing with every ton of greenhouse
gases emitted into the atmosphere.

The report is online at More information on AB 864 is at

Lori Abbott, Public News Service - CA