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U.S. intelligence has told lawmakers that Russia wants to see Trump reelected; and Trump�s 'public charge' rule takes effect Monday.

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Tomorrow are the Nevada caucuses, and Nevada Democrats are hoping for them to run far more smoothly than the ones in Iowa. Candidates battle for that top spot and voting continues.

It's Trick Not Treat for Black Cats in October

October 17, 2011

MORGANTON, N.C. - Animal rescue organizations in North Carolina don't often turn people away who want to offer a loving home to an animal, but this month, many are choosing not to offer adoptions of black cats. Halloween is the reason, with organizations fearing the possibility of animal cruelty against the dark felines who take center stage in so many iconic images of the holiday.

The Cat's Cradle in Morganton is one such organization holding on to its black cats for the holiday, as Executive Director Lynda Garibaldi explains.

"They do horrible things to cats, especially black cats, this month; I mean ritual torture and killing."

Cat's Cradle does not have a shelter, but is currently raising money to build one, as well as a sanctuary for cats who cannot be adopted for one reason or another. At this time, volunteers foster cats in their homes until a permanent owner can be found.

Garibaldi says cats face adoption challenges in any case because of the way they are perceived by society.

"People don't have the experience: They think that cats can survive on their own but, you know, the truth is, cats need people in order to survive."

According to the Humane Society of the United States, 40,000 kittens are born every day. That's one reason why animal rights organizations stress the importance of spaying or neutering pets.

Stephanie Carroll Carson, Public News Service - NC