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AOC, Trump battle on Twitter over being native born. Also on our Monday rundown: Democratic hopefuls share views in five Iowa cities. Plus, efforts to control stormwater pollution are paying off for Puget Sound.

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Thanksgiving Meals in MA Shouldn’t be “Pick Your Poison”

November 23, 2011

BOSTON - That big Thanksgiving feast could contain an unwanted toxic chemical, according to a new report.

Bisphenol A (BPA) can leach from the linings of metal food cans at levels that could impact health, according to the report by the Breast Cancer Fund. Even low-dose exposure to BPA has been linked to prostate and breast cancer, diabetes and developmental problems, according to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

In the Bay State, however, it's never been easier to bypass canned foods for Thanksgiving, says Lynda Simkins, executive director of the Northeast Organic Farming Association.

"From turkey to cranberries to beans to potatoes to carrots, salad, pumpkins - Massachusetts and New England do a really good job at raising all those products fresh."

Simkins, who raises organic turkeys on her farm, says they taste better and are better for you, the economy and the environment.

"If you buy an organic turkey, they're outside pecking the ground and see the sunshine every day, and they're fed organic grain."

BPA has been eliminated from most baby bottles and water bottles, but is still used in most metal food cans, even though there are safer alternatives.

More information on local, fresh organic food alternatives is online at the Northeast Organic Farming Association website, The report is at

Glen Gardner, Public News Service - MA