PNS Daily Newscast - July 19, 2019 

Chants of a different sort greet U.S. Rep. Omar upon her return home to Minnesota. Also on our Friday rundown: A new report says gunshot survivors need more outreach, support. Plus, sharing climate-change perspectives in Charlotte.

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A Day of Internet Censorship Protests, Online and Off

January 19, 2012

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - The power of the Internet to affect Nutmeggers and people the world over was demonstrated again Wednesday. Wikipedia and hundreds of other web sites shut down for 24 hours to protest a proposed bill in Congress opponents say threatens Internet freedom by cracking down on piracy without guarding against censorship.

Protesters also demonstrated in person in New York City. Jessica Lawrence of NY Tech Meetup helped organize the event.

"Piracy is a huge issue and it's an issue that needs to be solved, but the way to solve it is not to come up with a cure that's worse than the disease."

Amalia Deloney, grassroots media policy director for the Center for Media Justice, says Wednesday's blackouts of web sites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts had much of the nation talking about the issue of Internet freedom and showed the effectiveness of "digital demonstrations."

"It's very clear that people not only care deeply about this issue but that the average person in the United States has a very, very good idea of what kind of Internet experience they want."

Backers of the bill - including Hollywood studios, the recording industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce - say something has to be done about the online theft of movies and music, which by one estimate costs U.S. companies $135 billion a year.

The tech industry - including Google, Yahoo! and Twitter - says there has to be a better way, one that doesn't risk snuffing out Internet freedom.

Melinda Tuhus, Public News Service - CT