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Multiple sources say Deutsche Bank has begun turning over President Trump's financial documents to New York's A.G. Also on our Thursday rundown: A report on a Catholic hospital that offered contraception for decades, until the Bishop found out. Plus, an oil company loses a round in efforts to frack off the California coast.

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Housing Crisis Opens a Unique Job Market in MN

January 31, 2012

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Minnesota real estate developers were selling houses as fast as they could build them until the bottom fell out of the market. Now, thousands of housing units are vacant across the state, many of them new homes and condos, threatened with decay and vandalism. To protect the empty property, more and more owners and developers are turning to house-sitters, offering free lodging in exchange for keeping things safe and clean.

Gary Dunn, CEO of the Caretaker Gazette, an online publication for house-sitters, says it's a booming business.

"And so we're getting more and more advertisements from real estate investors who are stuck with a home they can't sell someplace, and they just want even a trustworthy, reliable house-sitter to live in this empty home."

There are house-sitting jobs in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and dozens of other countries. And if you're tired of Minnesota winters, Dunn says Florida is a booming job market for house-sitters, because real estate speculators can't find buyers and just want someone to watch over their investment.

"We've had some of our subscribers took one of these, say, a house-sitting position in a 'spec' home a few years ago, and they're still living in, like, a brand-new home. They have to keep it in nice shape for the realtors, but still, they get to live there rent-free. And this way, there's no more break-ins, since they've got somebody living there."

Dunn says it's a win-win for anyone wanting a free place to live and a property owner with an unsold, empty house. He's been publishing the Caretaker Gazette since 1983.

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John Michaelson, Public News Service - MN