PNS Daily Newscast - June 18, 2019 

Iran threatens to exceed the uranium enrichment limit agreed to under a 2015 nuclear deal. Also on today's rundown: More results of a new report on children's well-being; and a North Carolina Jewish congregation returns to its synagogue after sharing a local church.

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Developmental Disability Education & Awareness Month: NV focused on Jobs

March 16, 2012

LAS VEGAS – In 1987, President Ronald Reagan first declared March to be Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

This year in Nevada, the focus is on jobs, says Sherry Manning, executive director of the Nevada Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities. It's tough for most Nevadans to find a job these days, and she says the state's long-term, double-digit unemployment rate has been especially hard on the people served by the Council.

"We want to make sure that it does become 'employment first.' People with developmental disabilities want to work in an integrated community setting. They want to be contributing members of society."

Manning says statewide, there are 350,000 Nevadans who live every day with a disability; of those, about 45,000 have developmental disabilities. She adds the goal in Nevada is to enable people with any type of disability to live independently, and she says the numbers of those who need a little help is growing by the day.

"Autism falls within developmental disabilities – with that, there's more and more children, and actually, adults being diagnosed with autism. So, we are only going to see that figure increase."

In addition to a greater focus on training and employment, Manning says her group also wants to see Nevadans with disabilities be able to live in housing settings that allow them to be as independent as possible.

Mike Clifford, Public News Service - NV