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During the new coronavirus pandemic, many are advocating more mail-in ballots. Some say restricting voting by mail is one method of suppressing the vote.

Seeking Peace in the Persian (Iranian) New Year

Noruz Fact Sheet
Noruz Fact Sheet
March 26, 2012

DENVER - Talk of potential military action in Iran escalated again this weekend, with President Obama warning on Sunday that there is still time for diplomacy in the region, but the window of opportunity is closing quickly.

In Denver, some Iranians are trying to work to avert a military strike. A colorful flash mob gathered in Larimer Square downtown to help call attention to the issue, and let Coloradans know that there are Iranians who favor a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Co-organizer Nushin Farjadi says the Iranian people have often been portrayed in stereotypical ways.

"There are definitely people who associate the word 'Iran' with Islamic fundamentalism, and we really need to get away from that."

She says the flash mob presented the festive and diverse aspects of Iranian people and culture: one message was that Iranians are just like "normal" Americans. The demonstration was timed to happen near Noruz, which is the Persian New Year, Persia being the historical name for Iran.

Farjadi says Noruz coincides with the vernal equinox, and is a celebration of peace and human harmony with nature.

"For over 5,000 years, it's been a time of renewal. So, as nature renews itself, we also, as humans, go through a process of rebirth and renewal and you know, rethinking of old thoughts and old philosophies."

The flash mob event was co-sponsored by the organization Peace Jam.

The event's Facebook page is

Kathleen Ryan, Public News Service - CO