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Hoosier Water Quality is in Focus During Earth Month

April 9, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS - Water quality is something many people take for granted, but Aveda Salons and the Hoosier Environmental Council say, with April being "Earth Month," it's time to take notice.

Renee Sweany, special events coordinator with the Council, says Indiana waterways need to be monitored because of contamination...

"With scary things like E. coli and other chemical toxins, runoff from our agriculture."

Sweany says nearly a thousand rivers, lakes and streams in the state have unsafe levels of E. coli. She says a new website explains threats to Indiana's waterways and how people can make a difference on an individual basis by using products on yards and in homes that won't cause contamination.

Sweany says the website is a good resource for Indiana's water challenges.

"You can find facts about water in Indiana. You can also find some tips for things you can do on an individual level to improve our water quality in Indiana."

Sweany says the HEC is partnering with Aveda Salons during Earth Month. The salons use a lot of water in their hair care business, so clean water is important.

"Aveda Salons are trying to engage their guests in that conversation so that people understand a little bit better that it's not just something that just flows freely out of the faucet without challenge."

She says the most common cause of water pollution is surface water running off yards, city streets and farm fields.

That website is at

Leigh DeNoon, Public News Service - IN