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Remember Recess? Women More Likely to Exercise if it Feels Like Play

May 7, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - When it comes to getting exercise, a new survey says, the more fun the activity, the more likely people are to partake of it. Kathi Di Nicola with the American Cancer Society says the study found that 40 percent of women would be more physically active if it felt less like work and more like play.

"We have to take time out to engage in physical activity that feels like fun. Many times women tend to put others first and put themselves last, and we need to carve out time for play."

Di Nicola says being active is not only essential for maintaining a healthy weight, but also in helping to reduce the risk of cancer.

"We know that one in three women will get cancer in her lifetime, and they can reduce their cancer risk by taking control of their health. And this is one easy and fun way to do it, by engaging an activity that they enjoy throughout the month of May."

Those who do get active are being asked to share information on what they have fun doing, whether it's taking a stroll along a lake, working in the garden, or playing with their kids.

"We're actually issuing a challenge to women to choose play in May and to go to our website and share their activities each time they play in May to help us spread the word about the importance of physical activity in the reduction of cancer risk."

Di Nicola says about one third of all cancer cases are said to be related to diet and obesity, so staying healthy and physically active is one important way to reduce your risk.

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Stephanie Carroll Carson, Public News Service - FL