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The Wheels of Voter Registration Turning in Minnesota

GRAPHIC: Vote button
GRAPHIC: Vote button
July 19, 2012

ST. PAUL, Minn. - A Minnesota man is combining two of his favorite activities in hope of making a difference this fall. Seventy-one-year-old Louis Moore, Minneapolis, has a passion for bicycling and civic engagement, so he's working with a coalition of groups to help get people registered to vote in the November election.

"When they give me a call and they have some registrations, I will pedal over, pick them up, gather them all together and then pedal them downtown and take them to Hennepin County."

Moore spent nearly 20 years working in outreach for former Minnesota Congressman Martin Olav Sabo, so he says he knows just how important voting is.

"What I try to impress upon people on a regular basis is that if you don't vote, you have no control over your life and you have to accept what comes down the pipe. If you do vote, then you can vote for people who are going to support issues that are important to you."

Just casting a ballot is not enough, though, he adds. Moore also spends a lot of time talking to people about making sure they understand the legislative process and the views of the candidates.

"People have just not paid any attention. People have a tendency to vote for somebody they like or see a lot of on television, just so they can make an easy decision, rather then trying to sit down and see if this person is actually going to do something on their behalf."

With the effort called "Be the Vote," Moore says they have turned in around 500 registrations thus far, and he's bicycling about 150 miles a week between collecting and dropping off the cards and what he does for fun. Over the past 30 years, Minnesota has more times than not led the nation in voter turnout.

Information on voter registration is available at

John Michaelson, Public News Service - MN