PNS Daily Newscast - November 22, 2018 

President Trump gets a scolding from the Chief Justice. Also on our Thanksgiving Day rundown: groups target diabetes among the hungry; plus we will let you know how Small Business Saturday is helping to boost local economies.

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Monday Morning Quarterback on the Democratic National Convention

PHOTO: Taylor and Jacobs pose inside the Time Warner Cable Arena
PHOTO: Taylor and Jacobs pose inside the Time Warner Cable Arena
September 10, 2012

HARRISBURG, Penn. - For the thousands of people from Pennsylvania and all over who attended the Democratic National Convention, it offered a chance for the party to flesh out its platforms - but some delegates used the event as a platform of their own.

One of them was Kelly Jacobs. She says she wore a different patriotic-themed costume for each day of the convention and used the attention she received to explain how the Affordable Care Act has helped her family. Jacobs' husband has lupus, she says.

"My husband worried a lot that he would get sick and we would lose our house. It can really devastate you and cost a lot of money, and once you exceed that lifetime cap, you can't get insurance from somebody else."

Kelly says she feels largely ignored in her conservative home town in Mississippi and is glad to have the chance to share her experience. She was one of the handful of delegates who chose to dress up this year.

Another costumed delegate, Rick Taylor, calls himself the "Obama Fairy." He says he dressed in rainbow fairy wings. He to represent the LGBT perspective. Taylor expresses gratitude for the advancements he has seen under the Obama administration.

"Obama has done more for LGBT community than anybody in the history of America. One man, one voice, turned this country, turned the whole tide in our favor."

More than 5,500 delegates attended the Democratic National Convention, representing all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Tom Joseph, Public News Service - PA