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Tammy vs. Tommy Debate Tomorrow Night

PHOTO: Lisa Lamkins, AARP-WI
PHOTO: Lisa Lamkins, AARP-WI
September 27, 2012

MADISON, Wis. - Democrat Tammy Baldwin and Republican Tommy Thompson will square off in a statewide televised debate Friday night.

Lisa Lamkins, advocacy director at AARP-Wisconsin, one of the organizations sponsoring the debate, says voters aren't getting much real information from the barrage of attack ads on television.

"Right now, voters are hearing a lot about Medicare, Social Security and other issues from negative TV ads and 30-second sound bites, but people really deserve to know more than that. They deserve the facts about where the candidates stand, the facts about what some of the changes to major programs would mean for them and for their families."

Baldwin and Thompson are vying for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Herb Kohl.

Lamkins says this election will have a huge impact on the future of Social Security and Medicare.

"That's why our members are so anxious to hear what the candidates would do with each of those programs, and how they would make sure that those programs are there not only for everyone who has paid into them, who are currently getting benefits, but for future generations as well."

The election is Nov. 6, and Lamkins says Friday night's debate will be a great way for voters to get more than just a few sound bites about where the candidates stand. She says it's important for voters to get information about the candidates from multiple sources.

"AARP is committed to providing voters with balanced information about where the candidates stand. We have a long history of creating voter guides, and indeed this year people can go to and read the voter guide for the U.S. Senate race, and we encourage folks to do that."

A recent bipartisan poll from AARP shows non-retired baby boomers in Wisconsin have high anxiety about having saved enough for retirement and want straight talk from the candidates about their plans to strengthen Social Security and Medicare.

Find the voter guide at

Tim Morrissey, Public News Service - WI