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Indiana’s Commission On Aging Needs A Few Good Hoosiers

February 13, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana's 16-member Commission on Aging is seven members short. It's designed to be a bipartisan group - no more than eight commission members can be from one political party.

Retiree Anita McCollester, who taught French and Spanish at the University of Notre Dame, has served for more than 20 years on the commission and now chairs it. She said the panel helps make sure older Hoosiers and people with disabilities get connected to services.

"Serve as a conduit between local communities and the state's aging programs to promote statewide goals and objectives," she said.

McCollester said potential commission members with new ideas about meeting the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities are encouraged.

"Most of all, transportation is one big item that we're always struggling with," she said.

Many older folks don't like getting too far from home," she said, "and a lot of the state's rural areas lack transportation resources.

Indiana's 16 Area Agencies on Aging provide an abundance of services, she said, but many people don't realize help is just a phone call away.

"When it comes to a problem with aging or hospital care, or a nursing home or assisted living," she said, "many folks don't really know where to go or how to attack it."

Area Agency on Aging offices can be reached by calling 800-986-3505.

The commission has a member from each congressional district and seven at-large members from around the state. The 8th District position is open now, as well as six of the at-large seats. Those who are interested in serving must fill out the application for a gubernatorial appointment to a board or commission. To apply, go to

Leigh DeNoon, Public News Service - IN