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Record High Election Day Turnout Predicted – For NYC Boomers

November 5, 2013

NEW YORK – It will likely be another low-turnout election in New York today, with no presidential vote at stake.

But Dave Irwin, senior communications manager with AARP New York, says one bloc of voters is expected to over-perform at the ballot box.

"The one age group that is going to buck that trend, the 50-plus group, voting likely at record numbers for a New York City mayoral race," he explains.

Irwin says AARP's research indicates 75 percent of voters 50-plus will vote in the New York City election, and about 80 percent of local AARP members are likely to vote.

Irwin adds it's the kitchen table issues that are driving so many older New York voters to the polls.

"They're concerned about affordable housing,” he says. “They're concerned about being able to pay their utility bills. They're concerned about age discrimination at work."

The survey indicates around 600,000 AARP members in New York will cast ballots, and the overall 50-plus vote will be even higher.

Unless the next mayor resolves these issues, Irwin predicts that person will face a new problem – when older New Yorkers start giving up on their city.

"These are core issues that could actually lead to boomer flight from New York City,” he maintains. “And these are some of the core issue that they are looking to whoever they vote for today to tackle, once they are elected. "

Mike Clifford, Public News Service - NY