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Wanted: Granite Staters to Advocate on Key Issues

Recent graduates of AARP's Senior Leadership Program which is supported by Dartmouth and UNH. (AARP-NH)
Recent graduates of AARP's Senior Leadership Program which is supported by Dartmouth and UNH. (AARP-NH)
February 18, 2016

CONCORD, N.H. – Dartmouth and the University of New Hampshire are teaming up with AARP again this year to help provide leadership training for Granite Staters who want to advocate on issues that are of top concern for locals as they get older.

Douglas McNutt, director of advocacy for AARP New Hampshire, says this is the sixth year his group is teaming up with Dartmouth and UNH.

He says the AARP’s Senior Leadership Program offers training so that locals can learn how to advocate for older adults.

"The kinds of things we're talking about, I think affect everyone,” he states. “You talk about housing, we're talking about how do we take care of people as they age. These are just things that are pretty fundamental to our state.”

McNutt says AARP is looking for about two dozen applicants from all across the state with diverse backgrounds and interests. He says the program is primarily designed for older adults, caregivers and interested family members.

McNutt says the program also reflects his group's philosophy that people should be viewed as a resource rather than a burden as they get older.

"There are lots of opportunities to take advantages of the skills of people as they age,” he states. “And it's sort of natural this group would work on things like care-giving, and community based services-and all the sorts of things that might be of interest to them."

McNutt says those accepted into the program are free to pursue a wide range of interests.

"One graduate started a men's support group to deal with people whose spouses have Alzheimer's, another woman worked on a fraud presentation that got shared around the state for the other local cable channels," he relates.

The deadline for application is Feb. 25 and forms can be filled out online at the AARP New Hampshire website. Those needing assistance can also call AARP.

Mike Clifford, Public News Service - NH