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Building Robots During National Library Week in Maine

Building robots is part of the work one might find at a library's makerspace. (L.D. Moore)
Building robots is part of the work one might find at a library's makerspace. (L.D. Moore)
April 14, 2016

AUGUSTA, Maine – Most of us have heard of Transformers, and now libraries are transforming so that Mainers can spend their time building robots, instead of just being buried in books.

Julie Todaro, president-elect of the National Library Association, says a big part of National Library Week in Maine is a program called Makerspace. The idea is for libraries to support scientific learning.

"And, what Makerspace is for people is an opportunity to really get their hands on scientific discovery, small kinds of science and tech, making a robot," Todaro explains.

Nationwide, libraries are working to showcase how local branches are delivering new services to small businesses and new Americans.

The theme of National Library Week 2016 is Libraries Transform.

Todaro says even as libraries transform, they still provide a solid environment for learning, and usually that involves reading.

"We feel that it's important to have people to stop and focus for at least a week on what we think is one of the most important skills in every century, but now more than ever, and that is reading and, certainly, information," she states.

Norway Memorial Library in Augusta is offering a fine-free week and also incentives for those who return overdue materials during National Library Week.

Mike Clifford, Public News Service - ME