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It will likely take donations to help the Twin Cities recover from damage by looters; and state and local governments look for relief in next stimulus bill.

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Democrats and Republicans have had drastically different responses to President Trump's militarized response to protests in the nation's capital. And, new electoral maps will be drawn next year, some by legislatures and others by outside entities.

AARP Program Helps People Navigate Retirement

The AARP's Life Reimagined program helps retirees develop a Life Map to guide them through the rest of their lives. (Spotmatik/iStockphoto)
The AARP's Life Reimagined program helps retirees develop a Life Map to guide them through the rest of their lives. (Spotmatik/iStockphoto)
June 1, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY -- When people contemplate retirement these days, one thing is almost certain: Their retirement will not be at all like their parents' retirement. That's the message in AARP Utah's Life Reimagined program, a purpose-driven guide designed to help people decide how to spend the latter part of their lives.

Author and life coach Richard Leider, who is in charge of content for AARP's Life Reimagined Institute, said one of the biggest challenges retirees face today is longevity.

"In 1900, the average life expectancy in this country was 47, and now it's in the 80s," he said. "So this new three decades of life (means) some people are going to be living longer during that phase than they worked in the first phase."

Leider developed the AARP program based on his book of the same name. He said it guides people through the process of creating a Life Map, which helps them determine the most important things in their lives, and a plan to pursue them. The basic online program is free, he said, but for those who wish to take the program further, other options are available for a fee. Through that process, he said, people can find what he calls "a compelling reason to get up in the morning."

"Purpose is fundamental," he said. "It's fundamental to health, healing, happiness, longevity, et cetera, and it's in the same category as money and medicine, something that we need to really do a checkup on occasionally."

In addition to the online program, Life Reimagined sponsors seminars and other events in various cities across the country that program participants can attend. More information is online at and

Mark Richardson, Public News Service - UT