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Enrollment Available for Ohio Customers of Failing Health Insurer

Ohioans with InHealth health care coverage could face a tax penalty if they dont switch plans. (M. Kuhlman)
Ohioans with InHealth health care coverage could face a tax penalty if they dont switch plans. (M. Kuhlman)
June 9, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio – As a health insurance co-op created under the Affordable Care Act closes its doors in Ohio, a special enrollment period is available to help its customers find new health care coverage.

The state began the process of liquidating the failing insurer, InHealth Mutual, two weeks ago. While its customers still have coverage through the end of the year, Trey Daly, Ohio state director for Enroll America, says it's in customers’ best interests to switch to a new plan right now.

"There are new limits being placed on the coverage in the plans that they have,” Daly points out. “So they're not going to get as good of coverage from those plans. Those plans will not be offered in the next open enrollment period and they may be subject to a tax penalty if they don't switch plans."

The more than 21,000 Ohioans impacted by InHealth's closure are eligible to shop for a new Health Insurance Marketplace plan through a special enrollment period.

Resources are available through the Ohio Department of Insurance Consumer Services Division or at

Daly says special enrollment periods are also available for those experiencing certain qualifying life events.

"If you've recently had a new baby through birth or adoption, if you've recently gotten married, if you've lost coverage under your parents' plan because you turned 26, if you have lost a job that offered coverage,” he explains, “there's a whole list of events that would give you an extra 60 days to purchase coverage."

The next open enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace begins Nov. 1 and lasts three months.

Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service - OH