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Coloradans Challenge Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

Colorado groups are mobilizing in opposition to President Trump's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Wikimedia Commons)
Colorado groups are mobilizing in opposition to President Trump's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Wikimedia Commons)
February 2, 2017

DENVER — Reproductive rights groups and others are ramping up opposition to President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court.

Karen Middleton, executive director at NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, said the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch could allow Trump to make good on campaign promises to overturn Roe v. Wade. She added that Gorsuch's record does not reflect the state's values, and said that early reports on the nominee's friendly and principled nature miss the point.

"That does not mean we need to agree with their views or think that their views should be reflected on the Supreme Court for 40-50 years,” Middleton said. "We need to go a little bit deeper than whether we're talking about a nice guy who's a good skier."

She cited the Colorado-based judge's apparent support for “personhood,” as demonstrated in the Hobby Lobby case where Gorsuch argued that the Affordable Care Act's provision for coverage of contraception would force the company to pay for drugs that could destroy a fertilized human egg.

Colorado GOP leaders have praised Gorsuch as a defender of the Constitution with qualifications and a temperament suitable for the nation's highest court.

Luiz Toro, executive director at Colorado Ethics Watch, said Democratic senators should not reward the GOP's obstruction of President Obama's nominee, Merrick Garland, and should reject Gorsuch because he is not a mainstream moderate.

"Generally there's a concern that he's sided on the side of big corporations against ordinary citizens. That's a trend that has been disturbing at the Supreme Court,” Toro said. "The Constitution and laws are supposed to work for everyone and not just for big corporations or the privileged few."

Middleton said she’s concerned about the nominee because of Trump's promises to use appointments to curtail reproductive rights.

"We know Colorado voters, regardless of party, are with us,” she said. "Seven in 10 support Roe v. Wade across the U.S. That number is slightly higher in Colorado. We need people to take action and make their voices heard between now and through those hearings."

A demonstration to oppose Gorsuch’s appointment is planned for noon Thursday outside the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in downtown Denver.

Eric Galatas, Public News Service - CO