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This Year's Treasure the Chesapeake Moves to Baltimore

An event that highlights the work being done to improve Chesapeake Bay water quality is in its 19th year. (
An event that highlights the work being done to improve Chesapeake Bay water quality is in its 19th year. (
March 27, 2017

BALTIMORE – This year's Treasure the Chesapeake Bay Celebration has a couple of new twists.

An individual who's worked to restore and preserve the bay is being honored, and the event is being moved from Annapolis to Baltimore.

Kelly Swartout, director of development and marketing for the Chesapeake Bay Trust, says this is the 19th year for the annual fundraising event that brings people together who have the same goal: keeping the bay clean for generations to come.

"It gives the corporate funders, it gives the legislators, it gives a lot of people to network with one another, to really share in that experience of what it means to have a cleaner, healthier bay," she explains.

The 2017 Treasure the Chesapeake Celebration is coming up Thursday, May 4, at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. It's open to the public and tickets are available at

Terence Smith, chairman of the Chesapeake Bay Trust, says a special honor will be given to Michael Hankin, who is chairman of the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore.

Hankin says he wants Baltimore to be a world-class destination and has worked to advance the efforts for a cleaner, greener future for neighborhoods, streams and the harbor.

Smith says in the current political climate, Hankin and others who work to protect the bay have a big challenge ahead of them.

"Federal funds for the Chesapeake Bay are likely to be cut back,” he points out. “So, I think the things that the Chesapeake Bay Trust does and other organizations do to restore and preserve the bay are even more important this year than they might have otherwise been. "

Hankin says his goal is to have the bay "swimmable and fishable by 2020," through programs such as the Inner Harbor Water Wheel trash interceptor, the launch of the Greater Baltimore Oyster Partnership, planting floating wetlands, and water-quality report cards.

Veronica Carter, Public News Service - MD