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Montanans Rally to Save State's Iconic Landmarks

Montanans rally at Glacier National Park for Saturday's People's Climate March. (jankgo/Flickr)
Montanans rally at Glacier National Park for Saturday's People's Climate March. (jankgo/Flickr)
April 28, 2017

WEST GLACIER, Mont. – Americans who want to protect the globe from the worst effects of climate change are rallying on Saturday for the People's Climate March.

In Montana, people will gather across the state - including at Glacier National Park - to focus on the effects climate change are having on the park's iconic landmark.

Diane Taylor-Mahnke, who is organizing the march, says the glacier there is symbolic of the impact a warming climate is having on the Treasure State.

"Glacier is, I consider it kind of the 'poster child' for climate change, or the canary in the mine, however you want to look at it," she states. "The glaciers are melting."

Taylor-Mahnke also cites a U.S. Geological Survey ecologist, who warns the park's glacier could melt completely before 2030. Sister marches are planned for Billings, Bozeman and Missoula. The Glacier National Park march begins at 11:30 A.M.

Climate change has also sparked fears of more intense fire seasons, something that Glacier National Park has already experienced. In 2015, its largest-ever fire burned more than 18,000 acres or about two percent of the park.

Taylor-Mahnke stresses that we only have one planet.

"We need to be careful with what we each do and realize the impact we're having, and try to make sure that we leave the earth for the next generations the way it was for us, so they can enjoy what we enjoy," she explains.

The main march takes place in Washington, D.C. Sister marches are scheduled in nearly every state and across the globe.

The People's Climate March began in 2014 on the eve of the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Eric Tegethoff, Public News Service - MT