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Utah Climate Groups Team Up for Voter Registration

More than 600 Rise for Climate events are planned around the world for Saturday. (Takver/Flickr)
More than 600 Rise for Climate events are planned around the world for Saturday. (Takver/Flickr)
September 6, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY – Some Utah communities will be part of this Saturday's worldwide call for attention to climate change with rallies and marches.

The groups hosting the Salt Lake City event are encouraging anyone who's concerned about environmental issues to get out and vote.

The Utah Climate Action Network, Comunidades Unidas, the Utah Sierra Club, and are co-sponsors of the Rise for Climate event.

Ashley Soltysiak, director of the Sierra Club Utah Chapter, says in Utah and worldwide, the places that face the most severe consequences of pollution and a warming planet are already under-served, so it’s important that minority and low-income communities are able to vote.

"We really want to focus on making sure that their voices are elevated and that those stories are told, so that places that are experiencing drought, and higher water and food prices, those communities are being spotlighted and being given a voice," she states.

Saturday's Vote for Climate, Jobs and Justice voter registration event runs 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., starting at Salt Lake City's Northwest Recreation and Community Center.

A Rise for Climate march near St. George is also planned for Saturday.

Soltysiak says this year's elections are coming at a critical time for Utah, as the state copes with a number of climate-related issues, including a worsening drought.

"There are going to be major water issues that our state is facing,” she stresses. “In probably the next legislative session, decisions will be made about the Bear River Development, Lake Powell Pipeline, about extraterritorial jurisdiction and whether a city has the rights to govern its watershed. So, I think those are some major issues."

The Salt Lake City event is open to volunteers and members of the public.

Katherine Davis-Young, Public News Service - UT