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April 22 Deadline Looms for KY Voters to Register

The voter registration deadline for Kentucky's May 21 primary election is next Monday, April 22. (roibu/Adobe Stock)
The voter registration deadline for Kentucky's May 21 primary election is next Monday, April 22. (roibu/Adobe Stock)
April 17, 2019

FRANKFORT, Ky. - The deadline to register to vote in next month's primary election is less than a week away.

Monday, April 22, is the last day Kentuckians can register to vote in the May 21 primary. Elections for statewide offices this fall will determine the next governor, attorney general, secretary of state, auditor, commissioner of agriculture and state treasurer. College students are allowed to register to vote in the county where they attend college. Those who registered in their home counties can go home to vote, cast an absentee ballot or participate in early voting.

Scott Kenkel, a graduate student at the University of Kentucky, said planning ahead is key to making sure there's no confusion on Election Day.

"One big thing is to think in advance about where you are going to be on Election Day; that's probably the easiest single thing to do," he said. "So, for the primaries, you want to register for where you're going to be. So, if you're going to be here, do that; and it's OK if you're not going to be here, of course - there are also absentee ballots."

Kentucky residents 18 years of age and older are eligible to register to vote. Seventeen-year-olds also can register and even vote in the May primary if they'll be 18 on or before Election Day, Nov. 5. Residents can register to vote or update their voting address online at or in person at their local county clerk's office.

James Bacon-Brown, a volunteer with the Central Kentucky chapter of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, said that while state positions tend to receive the most media attention during election season, communities are shaped by their local races.

"Sometimes people feel a little bit helpless, sometimes they feel like they don't know enough about particularly local races," he said, "and that's why getting more information about who's running locally and making that information widely available is also very important."

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on May 21. According to the state Board of Elections, more than 3 million people currently are registered to vote in Kentucky.

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Nadia Ramlagan, Public News Service - KY