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Chants of a different sort greet U.S. Rep. Omar upon her return home to Minnesota. Also on our Friday rundown: A new report says gunshot survivors need more outreach, support. Plus, sharing climate-change perspectives in Charlotte.

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6 KY Counties Selected for Post-Primary Election Audits

State officials will conduct post-primary election auditing in six Kentucky counties. (Adobe Stock)
State officials will conduct post-primary election auditing in six Kentucky counties. (Adobe Stock)
June 18, 2019

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Six Kentucky counties have been randomly selected by state officials for post-primary election auditing.

Investigators will visit Bourbon, Carter, Fleming, Marion, Muhlenberg and Scott counties to inspect election forms and interview county officials. Kentucky's Deputy Attorney General J. Michael Brown said the process helps pinpoint any potential wrongdoing or irregularities that might have occurred during the May 21 primary election.

"The fact that we are looking at these counties does not imply that there were any irregularities,” Brown said. “It's just a process for ensuring open and transparent elections in Kentucky."

The Office of the Attorney General by law is required to conduct post-election audits in no fewer than 5% of Kentucky's counties following each primary and general election.

Brown pointed out that state officials rely heavily on information from voters, and said he plans to investigate and prosecute any potential election-law violations.

"Our main source of information during any election comes from voters themselves, who can call into a hotline and report anything that they think might be an irregularity,” he said. “For instance, in this last election we had a really relatively few number of calls - 60 total. And that's compared to over 300 from a year ago."

Statewide general elections will be held this November to choose the next governor.

Nadia Ramlagan, Public News Service - KY