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Today is the final day to register to vote in Arizona's primary election; the FDA declines to back Trump claim that 99% of coronavirus cases are "harmless."

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This year's July 4th had COVID-19, ongoing protests about systemic racism, and a presidential visit to Mt. Rushmore. Plus, Trump signed an order to plan a new statue park.

Parents Turn to Resources for At-Home Learning During COVID-19 Crisis

Schools have closed in nearly all 50 states to slow community spread of COVID-19. (Adobe Stock)
Schools have closed in nearly all 50 states to slow community spread of COVID-19. (Adobe Stock)
March 23, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- As school officials continue to extend closures in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, many families are faced with the task of teaching their kids at home.

Betsy Zorio, vice president for U.S. programs and advocacy with the group Save the Children, said her organization has developed a free online educational toolkit parents can use to help keep their kids on track.

"We are most concerned about the wide-scale learning loss," Zorio said. "And we think that could be among the biggest and really longest-term impacts that coronavirus has on kids in this country."

Researchers have found that Japan's decision to close schools during the 2009 H1N1 flu epidemic played a major role in slowing down community transmission of the virus.

Zorio said despite lacking a traditional classroom environment, young children are constantly learning through hands-on experiences.

"There are fun little games parents can do with kids around folding laundry and matching socks and all kinds of ways, beyond just sitting down and working through a workbook together, that allow parents to continue that learning process with their kids, and again, to fight boredom," she said.

She added that parents should be communicating with their children at age-appropriate levels about the coronavirus and how to prevent it.

"We always want parents to start with the facts," Zorio said. "We know there's a lot of misinformation out there, and so we encourage parents to start by going to reliable sources."

So far, more than 371 cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Tennessee. Residents with questions can call the Tennessee Coronavirus Public Information hotline at 877-857-2945.

Nadia Ramlagan, Public News Service - TN