PNS Daily Newscast - July 9, 2020 

VP Pence backs Trump on getting kids back to school as U.S. coronavirus top 3 million: state lawmakers call for a "just" economic recovery.

2020Talks - July 9, 2020 

The Green Party nominating convention begins today. The Supreme Court is making its final rulings this week; today, they rule on whether Trump's tax returns will be released.

Archive: February 26, 2007

The cement industry is getting a free pass to spread mercury pollution, according to two lawsuits against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The suits, filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals by seven environmental groups and nine states, claim the E.P.A. is ignoring its duty under the Clean Air A ...Read More

A new poll shows almost 90 percent of Oregonians want the federal government to strike a better deal when it comes to prescription drug prices. The U.S. Senate will soon debate a measure that would allow Medicare to bargain with drug companies. Ray Miao of AARP Oregon says it's about time Medicare ...Read More

Calling themselves the "Watchdogs of the Prairie," members of the Dakota Resource Council are baring some teeth at a proposal to construct a new coal-fired power plant near Milbank, South Dakota. Montana-Dakota Utilities and Otter Tail Power are asking the North Dakota Public Service Commission to ...Read More

Even if it's not the document they originally supported, backers of a state bipartisan Peace Resolution say at least it has North Dakotans talking about the U.S. policy in Iraq. The full State Senate is expected to vote on the North Dakota peace resolution this week, although it was watered down in ...Read More

'What about the victims?' That's what lawmakers are asking in Olympia as they debate the idea of simplifying state election laws to allow people to vote when they get out of prison. Current law requires them to first complete all the terms of their release, including paying fines and making restitu ...Read More

State legislatures and voters across the country have been choosing anti-same sex marriage laws for the past two years, but Wyoming is not one of them. A House committee has voted down an "anti-gay marriage" law. The debate in the Equality State may be a model across the country, according to Bob S ...Read More

All across the country, states are being cut off from federal AIDS funding through the Ryan White program that supports the work of AIDS service organizations. New Hampshire is no exception, with an estimated loss of $1 million. Governor Lynch feels strongly enough about the loss to add the amount ...Read More

Three coal sludge dams failed, 125 people died and more than 4,000 lost their homes. The Buffalo Creek disaster was the top story 35 years ago today, and there are still folks in West Virginia who fear history will repeat itself. Bill Price with the Sierra Club says it's time for an in-depth study ...Read More

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