PNS Daily Newscast - January 29, 2020 

Lawmakers in Trump impeachment trial debate whether to hear testimony from Bolton. And California lags in new report on children's well-being.

2020Talks - January 29, 2020 

President Donald Trump unveiled his Middle East peace plan with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu by his side. Some candidates share their views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Archive: April 9, 2007

More than one in five Americans will suffer from some form of mental illness this year, but many are reluctant to seek help out of fear of embarrassment. Now local mental health advocates are working to get rid of the stigma for estimated 260,000 New Hampshire residents dealing with mental illness. ...Read More

Permission to unionize for those who don’t really supervise is the goal of a bill recently introduced in Congress. The so-called “RESPECT” Act would reverse a decision by the National Labor Relations Board that prevents thousands of New Mexico workers from joining a union by recla ...Read More

Friday’s fire at the Indian Point Energy Center comes as the 40-year-old nuclear plant is seeking a new 20-year operating license. The reactor is located in Congressman John Hall’s district, and he says this fourth unplanned shutdown in a year should prompt Congress to act on his resolut ...Read More

The 53,000 kids in Idaho without health insurance would automatically be covered under a new proposal before Congress. It’s promoted as the solution for families who can’t afford coverage through work or the private market, and it’s getting a lot of attention after a boy in Maryla ...Read More

Ohio is poised to be a mover and shaker in the next U.S. Farm Bill, with lawmakers on key committees in both houses of Congress. The state’s organic farmers are getting a seat at the table, too, joining Sen. Sherrod Brown’s farm bill meetings around the state last week. Farmer Mike ...Read More

Every day, an estimated 20 Oregon kids start smoking, and a third of them will die from tobacco-related diseases, but tobacco products remain some of the most unregulated in the nation. Congress is looking at changing that with a bill that would require the Food and Drug Administration to regulate t ...Read More

Cutting the sales tax on food in Tennessee needs to be part of a balanced diet for the state, according to tax watchdogs. There are several proposals to eliminate the tax only on certain foods, cut the tax, or give Tennesseans a food tax "holiday" for a couple of months. Dave McIlwaine with Tennesse ...Read More

Almost six million children rely on S-CHIP, the federal health insurance program run by states. Now, it’s up for reauthorization…and some changes. The most sweeping proposal would combine it with Medicaid, enrolling many children automatically. Washington state has already taken huge st ...Read More

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