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PNS Daily Newscast - September 25, 2020 

Democrats reported to be preparing a smaller pandemic relief package; vote-by-mail awaits a court decision in Montana.

2020Talks - September 25, 2020 

Senators respond to Trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. And, former military and national security officials endorse Biden.

Archive: June 14, 2007

Helena, MT - Thousands of miles of Forest Service roads in Montana and throughout the West are crumbling, sending dirt and sand downstream, causing problems for water systems and reservoirs. An analysis of road inventory shows most are abandoned, and some were illegally built. Environmental and r ...Read More

Sacramento, CA - Those in search of a long and healthy life will be watching closely to see if California makes good on promises to fix the health care system. A new report from The Commonwealth Fund shows the state ranks last in the nation for quality of health care, and has one of the biggest per ...Read More

Denver - An innovative way to help Colorado non-profit shelters in the "green" by lowering overhead costs has been such a success, the program has won national recognition. Shelley Wallace is with Energy Outreach Colorado, the group coordinating the project. “We are weatherizing their build ...Read More

Des Moines, IA - The shift to new and renewable electricity generation may soon get a gentle push from Congress with legislation that would require U.S. utilities to purchase 15 percent of their power from sources like solar and wind. Iowa already produces five percent of its power from renewable ...Read More

Des Moines, IA - Even though all of Iowa's coal mines closed over ten years ago, Iowa still has over 2 billion tons in coal reserve just under the surface across the southern third of the state. Some see a way to cash in on those reserves by turning it into a liquid. A new report from the Natural ...Read More

Minneapolis, MN - Health professionals from around the country, including doctors, nurses and dietitians, have sent a letter to Congressional leaders working on a new farm bill, calling on them to promote "healthy foods. The goal: to address obesity and illnesses arising from bad diets. Comments f ...Read More

Carson City, NV -The U.S. Senate began debate this week on a proposal to pour 10 billion dollars into plants that would turn liquid coal into diesel fuel. While that is one way to offset the nation's dependence on foreign oil, a new report warns the "cost" would be a massive increase in global warm ...Read More

Salem, OR - Oregon workers may soon find it easier to form a union. A bill that gives workers the right to opt out of an employer controlled election and instead get a majority of workers to sign forms is on the way to the Governor. Comments from Oregon AFL-CIO president Tom Chamberlain. It's get ...Read More

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