PNS Daily Newscast - April 1, 2020 

Nine cruise ships stranded as ports won't take them. Trump warns of tough two-week stretch. And rent is due, even in midst of COVID-19.

2020Talks - April 1, 2020 

Instead of delaying in-person primaries and caucuses, Alaska, Hawai'i and Wyoming have cancelled them and switched to vote-by-mail. It's Trans Day of Visibility, and the two remaining Democrats showed their support on Twitter. And the Trump administration has rolled back protections for the transgender community.

Archive: June 8, 2007

There's a smaller field of graduates applying for teaching jobs in South Dakota this year - and the state's largest teacher organization says it could be a direct result of the state's last-place ranking in teacher pay. South Dakota Education Association President Donna DeKraai says the state's la ...Read More

One of the casualties of the 2007 Minnesota Legislative session was the so-called "good faith" bill. Minnesota Association for Justice spokesman Chris Messerly says the legislature didn't act on the bill that would have required insurance companies to deal with claims promptly and fairly. “W ...Read More

One hundred Idaho foster families are needed this summer, and they must love outdoor adventures. The Idaho Conservation League is coordinating "adoptions" of roadless areas throughout the state that are at risk of being developed. Jonathan Oppenheimer with the League lists the qualifications for ad ...Read More

Financial danger is on the horizon for many Oregon homeowners due to the current meltdown in the sub-prime mortgage market, and that has lawmakers looking at some protections. Sub-prime mortgages have low introductory interest rates, but then an "exploding" rate a few years later that can leave ho ...Read More

With the summer driving season officially underway, and gas prices in North Dakota near all-time highs, the stage would seem set for public support for higher fuel economy standards. In 1975, Congress set the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard for passenger vehicles at 27 miles per gallon. Th ...Read More

Wyoming has the fifth lowest HIV and AIDS rate in the country, and two festivals tomorrow aim to keep it that way. Wyoming Equality is holding its annual "Pride in the Park" events in Cheyenne, and the first one ever in Casper, which are in counties with the highest rate of HIV and AIDS in the stat ...Read More

A New York suburb that made headlines for a tragic murder is plotting an economic comeback. You may know this town because a resident was found murdered with his 3-year-old son sleeping on his body, but now Bellport is hoping to take a bite out of crime through a community planning process where loc ...Read More

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