PNS Daily Newscast - June 24, 2019 

No military strikes, but President Trump sticks to tough talk against Iran. Also on our Monday rundown: Staying in jail may depend on where you live. Plus, summer is here – will national parks be ready?

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Archive: July 6, 2007

"Live Earth" goes live this weekend, and Colorado won't be left out of the action. Local concerts and parties are planned across the state to bring awareness to climate change and to watch the series of rock-stravaganzas on each continent that will take place starting tonight. In Colorado, More tha ...Read More

A new report by the state Health Department finds that, after reaching a 30-year low, abortions increased last year, especially among girls under 18. Brigid Riley with the Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting says a one-year change may not indicate a trend, but it ...Read More

What has 100 artists on seven continents and will be on TV, radio and the internet for more than 24 hours? It's Saturday's “Live Earth” concert, and it's being billed as the "concert for a climate in crisis." Lydia Ball with the Nevada Sierra Club says Nevadans can take part by tuning i ...Read More

From New York to Shanghai to Johannesburg, it's one of the biggest parties ever to bring awareness to what many believe is one of the most important issues of our time, and New Mexico will be included. "Live Earth" is this weekend, and gatherings are planned around the state to watch Al Gore's world ...Read More

Need emergency psychiatric help? Plan on driving up to four hours. That's soon to be the situation in Central New York for some teens because Fox Memorial Hospital in Otsego County is shutting down its psychiatric center, and it's one of the few hospitals in the area that provides immediate care t ...Read More

They do more than three billion dollars' worth of work, and they don't usually get paid. A study from AARP puts a financial value on the work of family caregivers -- those who help elders or relatives with disabilities -- and the total is $350 billion a year. In North Dakota, caregiver work is valu ...Read More

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