PNS Daily News - September 16, 2019 

New allegations emerge against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh; and a new report says a lightning strike is more likely than a forced arbitration win.

2020Talks - September 16, 2019. (3 min.)  

2020 presidential hopefuls tweet about more sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Democrats who didn't make it onto last week's debate stage continue their grassroots approaches.

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Archive: November 6, 2008

Phoenix, AZ – Arizona's projected billion-dollar budget gap gets the attention today of Arizona's governor and legislative leaders. On the chopping block is the state education budget. Education advocates hope school spending gets trimmed, not whacked. Leaders have tough choices to make, be ...Read More

Phoenix, AZ – Following Tuesday's passage of Proposition 102, which puts a "one-man, one-woman" marriage definition into the state constitution, advocates for Arizona's gay and lesbian community will now take their civil rights campaign to the legislature. Their primary goal will be a domestic ...Read More

Rapid City, SD - Stuff it, don't puff it. That's how two-thirds of likely South Dakota voters feel about people smoking indoors at work. They support making all indoor workplaces smoke-free, including all restaurants, bars, hotel rooms, casinos and video lottery locations. These findings are from ...Read More

Missouri is on a faster track toward having "green" energy, after voters approved Proposition C on Tuesday. The renewable energy plan passed with nearly two-thirds of the vote. That means the Missouri landscape might change over the next dozen years, as wind turbines could become the clean energy of ...Read More

Columbus, OH – Those who fought hard for Issue 5 are celebrating their victory. Advocates are delighted Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved the measure to keep caps on short-term loans. AARP was a leader in the Coalition for Responsible Lending, and spokesman Bill Sundermeyer says they fought ...Read More

Expect some major changes in farm policy. That prediction comes from Minnesota Farmers Union President Doug Peterson, in light of the election of Barack Obama. Peterson says the incoming president has promised to follow a trade policy that gives U.S. producers a level playing field in global markets ...Read More

Seattle, WA - So far, this week's election has included plenty of drama and some down-to-the-wire results in a few key Washington State races. AARP got involved in the national political races early in 2008, launching its "Divided We Fail" campaign to get candidates thinking beyond party lines about ...Read More

Salem, OR - Is there a message in Tuesday's record voter turnout, across the country and here in Oregon? Groups that rallied hard behind the many ballot measures and political candidates in Oregon say there is. Not only are they pleased with the election enthusiasm, they contend it's a hint of thing ...Read More

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