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PNS Daily Newscast - September 29, 2020 

Trump tax revelations point to disparity in nation's tax system; Pelosi and Mnuchin make last-ditch effort at pandemic relief.

2020Talks - September 29, 2020 

Today's the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio. And a British news show reports a Trump campaign effort to suppress the Black vote in 2016.

Archive: December 15, 2008

It may not prompt any special activities or major sales, but today, Dec. 15, is a special holiday. It's "Bill of Rights Day," the 217th anniversary of the ratification of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. Vic Walczak is the legal director of the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of the America ...Read More

Albuquerque, NM - The economy may be bleak, but consumer experts say keeping a close eye on your pocketbook can help you get through this holiday season without damaging your personal finances. Kim Danger, creator of the website, cites a recent survey showing nearly three-quarters ...Read More

Santa Fe - New Mexico's new class of Washington lawmakers have big shoes to fill, and now the oil gas industry is growing worried these "green" freshmen will be a bit too green. Following the retirement of Senator Domenici and an election shake-up, four out of the five members of New Mexico's Cong ...Read More

Jefferson City, MO - Congress is finalizing details of a $500 billion economic stimulus package that is likely to include additional federal funds for state Medicaid insurance. Health care advocates applaud this action as a quick injection of money to nurse Missouri's ailing budget. The state is fac ...Read More

Salem, OR - One bright spot in the holiday retail picture is online shopping, which is expected to be up nine percent this year. However, with $32 billion in online sales expected this season, there are bound to be some unhappy customers out there in cyberspace. For the past few years, Internet sale ...Read More

Bismarck, ND – North Dakota’s families have not been in the spotlight as victims in the nation's economic crisis, but some think it may only be a matter of time before the state starts feeling the pinch. Former State Attorney General Heidi Heitkemp is a keynote speaker at meeting in Bism ...Read More

Madison, WI - A new American Heart Association study shows women are more likely to die than men when they suffer a certain type of heart attack. These severe attacks are caused by an abnormal heart rhythm, and kill woman at a rate 12 percent higher than men. University of Wisconsin cardiologist D ...Read More

Tucson, AZ – The holiday season can be a time of great joy and happiness. But for some, it can bring on serious bouts of depression, especially in the current economic downturn. Physician Laura Waterman, clinical director for the Southern Arizona Mental Health Center, Tucson, says the stress o ...Read More

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