PNS Daily Newscast - April 8, 2020 

COVID-19 prompts a car insurance break for some drivers. Also, a push for postal banking, and for grocery workers to be treated as first responders.

2020Talks - April 8, 2020 

Wisconsin held its primary yesterday in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. But a shortage of poll workers led to just five polling stations in Milwaukee instead of the usual 180.

Archive: March 12, 2008

Columbus, OH – Health care providers, community groups, faith groups, and others are coming together today in Columbus to make sure Ohio kids are getting the healthcare services for which they are eligible. They're also working to expand that coverage. Keynote speaker Sara Rosenbaum is chai ...Read More

Ashland, OR – Southwest Oregon is watching the U.S. Senate with keen interest today, as a Senate Committee debates whether to update the Hardrock Mining Act of 1872. High gold prices have sparked new interest in mining on public land, and this Friday is the public comment deadline on one compa ...Read More

Larimore, ND – Setting the "screen" isn't just helpful in basketball -- it also has proven to be a successful strategy for fighting colon cancer in North Dakota. Although it remains the third leading cause of cancer deaths among North Dakotans, the state saw nearly 120 fewer colon cancer cases ...Read More

Sioux Falls, SD – An advocacy group that worked to defeat a South Dakota abortion ban in 2006 is speaking out in opposition to a new petition drive that would bring the issue to a vote again this fall. Campaign for Healthy Families' co-chair Jan Nicolay says claims that the ballot measure woul ...Read More

St. Paul, MN – "Go outside and play" takes on a whole new meaning in Minnesota today, as a plan to get kids into better shape goes before a legislative committee. It would put physical education classes in all schools. House sponsor John Ward says the growing numbers of overweight and obese ki ...Read More

Las Vegas, NV – They don't call it the Silver State for nothing. Nevadans are hoping a Senate committee will remember the economic benefits of mining, as well as other local concerns, as it considers an update of the 1872 Hardrock Mining Law. The House already passed its version, and Nevadans ...Read More

Nashville, TN – Too many young women, in Tennessee and around the country, are suffering the effects of sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows at least one in four teenage girls has contracted an infection. The most common, ...Read More

St. Paul, MN – Governor Pawlenty’s almost billion-dollar proposal to ease the state's budget shortfall is getting a going-over this week. Lawmakers are holding hearings on the plan, and those affected are weighing in. Brian Rusche, with the Invest in Minnesota Campaign, is concerned tha ...Read More

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