PNS Daily Newscast - January 29, 2020 

Lawmakers in Trump impeachment trial debate whether to hear testimony from Bolton. And California lags in new report on children's well-being.

2020Talks - January 29, 2020 

President Donald Trump unveiled his Middle East peace plan with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu by his side. Some candidates share their views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Archive: May 2, 2008

Golden, CO - There are two Memorial Days in May in Colorado, and the first is today--a day to honor the state's "domestic soldiers." A ceremony for fallen law enforcement officers takes place this morning at Camp George West in Golden. Keith Dameron is a volunteer historian with the memorial. "We ...Read More

Sioux Falls, SD – South Dakota's 34 community health clinics have been working to improve the health of democracy by making voter registration available to their patients. All South Dakota residents, including community health clinic patients, can register at the community clinics through May ...Read More

Naperville, IL – The foreclosure crisis and credit crunch have teamed up to deliver a devastating blow to many Illinois families, with rent on the rise and more people being forced into homelessness. That's one of the topics at a convention of housing advocates that continues today in Napervil ...Read More

Des Moines, IA – American taxpayers are keeping factory farms in business through a series of tax breaks. That's revealed in a new report from The Union of Concerned Scientists analyzing the costs to taxpayers and consumers of supporting the factory farm industry. Gary Klicker with Iowa Cit ...Read More

Minneapolis, MN – The results are in on Minnesota's annual March food drive, the biggest in the state, and they show that it went over its goal. Julie Schanzenbach Canham, spokeswoman with Minnesota FoodShare, says that's a relief. "Our final total was 9.1 million pounds and dollars combined ...Read More

Carson City, NV - Nevadans and families nationwide are celebrating "Cover the Uninsured Week" with a new initiative to provide health insurance for 9 million kids who now don't have it, including more than 100,000 in the Silver State. One in every eight Nevada kids lacks health insurance, but activ ...Read More

New York, NY - Today marks one week since a New York state judge returned not-guilty verdicts for the three police officers charged in the shooting death of Sean Bell. That outcome has some people asking big questions about the NYPD and the sticky issue of race. Dr. Delores Jones-Brown of the John ...Read More

Columbus, OH – Energy and global warming are hot topics in Ohio this week. Sen. George Voinovich will speak at an energy conference today in Columbus; a key topic will be the concern that global warming laws will raise costs for businesses. But on Thursday, a group of economists and business l ...Read More

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