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PNS Daily News - September 22, 2020 

The Supreme Court vacancy raises stakes for a reproductive-rights campaign; voter-registration deadlines are just around the corner; and the pandemic compounds child-care woes.

2020Talks - September 22, 2020 

It's National Voter Registration Day. Plus, the Supreme Court and abortion are back, center stage, in the election spotlight.

Archive: June 9, 2008

Portland, OR – This week marks one year since Oregon's largest immigration raid nabbed some 167 workers at the Fresh Del Monte plant in North Portland, and some are still in a kind of legal limbo. Not everyone picked up was deported after the raid; at least two dozen women among them who are s ...Read More

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada shoppers could feel the sting of a mysterious phenomenon affecting honeybees across the country the next time they buy some of their favorite summer fruits. Scientists call it "Colony Collapse Disorder," and it occurs when bees fail to return to their hives and apparentl ...Read More

Sacramento, CA - School is ending in most California communities – but instead of looking forward to a little time off this summer, many teachers will be looking for jobs. The state budget is an estimated $17 billion in the red, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing massive cuts to e ...Read More

Everett, WA – Fighting global warming one household at a time – that's the goal of a new program several Washington counties are considering. "Climate Masters," developed at the University of Oregon, is a short course that teaches people exactly how to reduce their carbon footprints. The ...Read More

Bismarck, ND – Tuesday's primary will be the first real-life test of several new ways North Dakotans can vote. Casting ballots by mail is now an option in 22 of the state's 53 counties. Jim Moench with the North Dakota Disabilities Advocacy Consortium says that helps people with disabilitie ...Read More

Boston, MA - Are we past the point of "safe" carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, and could severe signs of global warming hit sooner than we thought? In the view of scientists from the Sustainability Institute the answer is "Yes" on both points. They visited the Massachusetts state House last ...Read More

Richmond, VA - Congress is moving toward making it a little easier to stay healthy in Virginia. Last week the House passed the Health Centers Renewal Act by a margin of 393 to 24, with all of Virginia's delegation voting "yes." Rick Shinn with the state's Community Health Care Association says tha ...Read More

Merrimack, NH - Higher unemployment figures and gas prices at more than $4 a gallon are making uncertain times even tougher on Granite State residents. However, a new report shines some light on a way to solve both problems, while improving the environment as well, with "green industry" jobs. The ...Read More

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