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PNS Daily Newscast - September 21, 2020 

COVID-19 reported to be on the rise in more than 30 states; and will Supreme Court nomination tilt U.S. Senate races?

2020Talks - September 21, 2020 

Biden pays tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Trump plans to announce his replacement nominee this week. Plus, early voting in four states.

Archive: August 20, 2008

Columbus, OH - Ohio's schoolchildren aren't the only ones getting back to work this fall. Groups fighting hunger are already putting out the word about next year's Summer Food Program. That's because only about one out of 10 eligible children used the program this summer, according to the Ohio Assoc ...Read More

Charleston, WV – The persistent "blue haze" appearing in the Charleston area several times this summer has some residents calling for an investigation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). State testing has shown chemical levels are within safety limits, but some think pockets of ...Read More

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Florida is starting the school year at the back of the class when it comes to the number of kids without health insurance. The state estimates that about 700,000 children lack coverage, even though 500,000 would qualify for Florida KidCare. The problem, according to L ...Read More

Cheyenne, WY – "Becoming one with nature" is a phrase that takes on new meaning this week, as survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault head into the wilderness seeking ways to restore their confidence and ability to forgive. They'll use the isolation of wild places to break through th ...Read More

Durango, CO - A conservation legend is in Colorado to make a point about the state's roadless areas. An actor playing President Teddy Roosevelt will be on hand tonight at a USDA Forest Service open house in Durango. It's one of a series of meetings across the state on a new roadless area management ...Read More

Des Moines, IA – It's a reversal of fortune for many Iowa families. A year ago, the Bush Administration announced new federal rules that made it nearly impossible for most states to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP(, which provides healthcare coverage for low-income ...Read More

Des Moines, IA – The watchword for Iowa farmers this year has been "rain," and plenty of it. That has made it harder for them to control soil erosion and keep precious nitrogen fertilizer on their crops. On Friday, at the Practical Farmers of Iowa "Field Day," growers from across the state wi ...Read More

Lansing, MI – "A woman't place is in the House...and in the Senate!" This 1970s rallying cry is making a comeback, because women could be big winners in the Michigan House this fall, if the numbers of females running is any indication. About 100 women, a record number, filed for House seats; ...Read More

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