PNS Daily Newscast - October 18, 2019 

Baltimore mourns Rep. Elijah Cummings, who 'Fought for All.' Also on our rundown: Rick Perry headed for door as Energy Secretary; and EPA holds its only hearing on rolling back methane regulations.

2020Talks - October 18, 2019 

While controversy swirls at the White House, the Chicago Teachers Union goes on strike, and retired Admiral Joe Sestak walks 105 miles across New Hampshire.

Daily Newscasts

Archive: August 7, 2008

Des Moines, IA – On opening day of the Iowa State Fair, fairgoers will see John McCain and Barack Obama everywhere they turn - literally. There seems to be a poll almost daily to show the standings in this year's presidential race, but the Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council is planning a ...Read More

Jacksonville, FL – Bay County is the latest to look at laws that would require buildings along the beach to be "sea turtle-friendly." By adjusting their beachfront lighting so it's not easily noticed by the turtles, newly-hatched sea turtle babies don't head off in the wrong direction when the ...Read More

Oak Creek, WI – More than $100 million will be used to improve the water quality of Lake Michigan. It's part of a settlement in a long-running legal battle over using lake water at a coal-fired power plant in Oak Creek. The settlement requires the owners of the plant to invest more than $100 ...Read More

Chicago, IL – A new snapshot of Illinois immigrants shows the fastest-growing population is coming from Africa. The report also indicates that African immigrants and refugees are the most highly educated members of the immigrant population. Most have arrived in recent years and, when naturaliz ...Read More

Rushford, MN – Almost one year after heavy floods ravaged southeastern Minnesota, life is still not back to normal for many of the area's residents. Karen Snodgrass, who works at the Lutheran Social Services Disaster Center in Rushford, says life is slowly getting back to normal, but the clean ...Read More

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