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PNS Daily Newscast - August 5, 2020 

A massive explosion kills dozens and injures thousands in Beirut; and child care is key to getting Americans back to work.

2020Talks - August 5, 2020 

Election experts testify before the US House that more funding is necessary. And Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington state had primaries yesterday; Hawaii and Tennessee have them later this week.

Archive: November 25, 2009

COLUMBUS, Ohio - You might think of it as "Cash for Caulkers." If a new federal "Home Star" program gets underway, it would help consumers save money for making energy-saving improvements to their homes. Both homeowners and landlords could get tax credits of up to $4,500 to pay one-half the cost of ...Read More

ELK POINT, S. D. - The state of South Dakota has been monitoring air quality in the area of Union County where the proposed Hyperion Energy Center would be located. However, local residents who have maintained the state isn't doing an adequate job of testing have decided to do their own. Denny Larso ...Read More

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - Polls consistently show that workers would choose to join a labor union if they could. According to some union officials, however, when an organizing drive begins, the employer often responds by firing or harassing pro-union employees. Ron Brady, president of the United Steel W ...Read More

PHOENIX - Another $300 million in cuts to K-12 education and social programs have been signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer. The cuts were adopted by lawmakers during a weeklong special session to help deal with a $2 billion state budget deficit. Schools will lose money for new books, desks, comp ...Read More

WHITESBORO, Ky. - Millions of people whose incomes were above the poverty line in the United States less than ten years ago are now living below the poverty line, and a new report from Kentucky's Center for Rural Strategies says a disproportionate number of them live in rural areas. Center Director ...Read More

PORTLAND, Ore. - Being invited to a big Thanksgiving get-together could be seen as a mixed blessing this year, with almost 1,200 Oregonians hospitalized with flu symptoms in the past three months. There may be more hand sanitizer than gravy on the table when families gather this week, but health off ...Read More

NEW YORK - According to the American Lung Association (ALA), air pollution endangers the lives of 12 million New Yorkers in 30 counties, and the group says the situation is getting even worse as a result of the state's budget troubles. Michael Seilback, ALA vice president for public policy in New Y ...Read More

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - 'Tis the season for families and friends to celebrate the holidays with food - from dinners to desserts, to the many nibbles in-between. For people with food allergies, however, this time of year brings an inevitable helping of uncertainty. Dr. Jay Portnoy, an allergist at Childre ...Read More

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