PNS Daily Newscast - June 2, 2020 

President Trump berates governors as 'weak' amid growing racial unrest; an interfaith group sees a link between protests and climate change.

2020Talks - June 2, 2020 

Eight states plus Washington DC have primaries today, even as cities determine how to move forward in the wake of massive protests nationwide; President Trump says he'll deploy active US troops to quell them.

Archive: December 28, 2009

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - At its most basic level, health care reform has to do two things: It would get nearly everyone into the system and it would reduce overall costs. But according to former national Medicaid director Sally Richardson, those goals are really the same thing. Richardson was a member of ...Read More

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The year now ending was horrendous for the U.S. economy, but the environment prospered, according to a checklist from the National Wildlife Federation. Adam Kolton is the group's senior director of congressional and federal affairs. He says a number of success stories occurred in 2 ...Read More

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - While many people feel there is a need for tort reform involving medical malpractice, and malpractice cases get a lot of attention, the actual cost of seeking reliable justice in such cases is only a small percentage of health care costs each year. Randall Kinnard, a Nashville a ...Read More

MADISON, Wis. - As residents of Wisconsin prepare to hang up new calendars this week, the lessons of 2009 are looming large. University of Wisconsin political science Professor Charles Franklin says the economy appears to be the major political and social issue that will dominate public debate acros ...Read More

DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa gets top billing in a new documentary film that will soon make its public state debut in Des Moines. The film, "Big River: A King Corn Companion," tracks the trail of fertilizers and chemicals used to produce a single acre of corn. It examines how farm run-off travels through ...Read More

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