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PNS Daily Newscast - December 2, 2020 

COVID cases spike in WV jails; Gov. Justice urged to follow guidelines. And the feds investigate an alleged bribery-for-presidential-pardon scheme.

2020Talks - December 2, 2020 

Trump's allies refuse to stop challenging the election results, despite federal investigators saying no fraud occurred.

Archive: March 4, 2009

The Florida legislature is just getting going on its new session, but the lawmakers have already got their first report card; they were graded 'C' overall for efforts to reverse the decline of the 8,500 or so miles of coastline and ocean that much of the Florida economy depends on. The Florida Coast ...Read More

Jefferson City, MO - Health care rallies are being held across Missouri, pushing for what advocates call the urgent need to fix America's broken health care system. But in Jefferson City, state House Republicans recently blocked an attempt by Democratic lawmakers to use stimulus money to reduce he ...Read More

Nashville, TN – You get what you pay for, in education and elsewhere in life. Tennessee is ranked number 50 in the country in spending per student, according to the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth, and its students consistently rank near the bottom in reading and math tests. The Ten ...Read More

Charleston, WV – Stranded retirees and unemployed workers from the Century Aluminum plant in Ravenswood will join a union rally at the State Capitol just after noon today, with Governor Joe Manchin and state lawmakers expected to be on hand. Last month, 650 employees of the plant lost their ...Read More

Albany, NY - Citizen Action of New York says that when the economy catches a cold, communities of color catch pneumonia, and now that the economy has pneumonia, those communities have double pneumonia. The group says the state budget is still not balanced for New Yorkers of color, and has issued a n ...Read More

Harrisburg, PA - Highway building and repair is a major feature of the new national stimulus plan coming out of Washington, but at least one organization is concerned about unintended consequences; the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) says highway runoff in Pennsylvania is a major threat to groundwat ...Read More

Milwaukee, WI - When it comes to health insurance reform in Wisconsin, the cost of doing nothing could be huge; that's the conclusion of a new report from the non-partisan New America Foundation. Report co-author Elizabeth Carpenter says the average cost of a family health insurance policy in Wiscon ...Read More

Helena, MT – Number-crunching on health care costs in Montana shows medical insurance premiums have increased almost 90 percent since 2000, and other health care costs have sky-rocketed, too. Molly Moody, statewide organizer for Montanans for Health Care, which published the report, says healt ...Read More

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