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PNS Daily Newscast - November 23, 2020 

The holiday forecast calls for fewer cars on the road for Thanksgiving; dealing with racial impact of cap and trade.

2020Talks - November 23, 2020 

Trump campaign is running out of legal options as more states certify. *2020Talks will not be released 11/26 & 11/27*

Archive: March 5, 2009

Seattle, WA – International Women’s Day this Sunday will once again draw attention to the income disparity between men and women. Here in Washington, where women make up almost half of the workforce, most could be faring better when it comes to equal pay and benefits compared to men, acc ...Read More

Portland, OR – On Friday, all sides will be back in a Portland courtroom in the ongoing debate about the latest federal plan to save salmon. It’s a holdover from the Bush administration, and Judge James Redden has said he’d rather determine how to fix the plan, called a Biological ...Read More

Santa Fe - State lawmakers are considering a bill that would create an official police force for Albuquerque Public Schools. Supporters say it's a simple matter of creating a secure learning environment, but opponents and students argue there are higher priorities for education funding. One of tho ...Read More

Denver, CO - It's not as easy as just flipping a switch. In fact, the switch to digital television can be downright confusing for many Coloradans, including some of those over age 50 who are more likely to depend on that old analog TV set for critical information. AARP-Colorado spokesperson Morie Sm ...Read More

Nashville, TN – A stark line has been drawn between two sides debating whether to continue allowing federal funds to support Planned Parenthood. U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) has introduced legislation to drastically cut the organization's use of federal tax dollars, while an independant stud ...Read More

Albany, NY — Anyone who enjoys a non-carbonated beverage on the go may soon be feeling the squeeze as New York reconsiders expanding its bottle law. State lawmakers heard testimony Wednesday about what's being called the Bigger, Better Bottle Bill, which would require deposits on bottled water ...Read More

Phoenix, AZ – Every Arizona employer is required to check new hires through the federal E-Verify system, but the law creating E-Verify expires on Friday. State AFL-CIO director Rebekah Friend is against renewing the law unless workers get more protection when their name and social security num ...Read More

Springfield, IL – Despite millions of acres of productive farm land in Illinois, most of the food Illinoisans eat travels hundreds of miles to their grocery carts. According to a new report, "Local Food, Farms and Jobs: Growing the Illinois Economy," Illinois producers are missing out on most ...Read More

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