PNS Daily Newscast - June 5, 2020 

It will likely take donations to help the Twin Cities recover from damage by looters; and state and local governments look for relief in next stimulus bill.

2020Talks - June 5, 2020 

Democrats and Republicans have had drastically different responses to President Trump's militarized response to protests in the nation's capital. And, new electoral maps will be drawn next year, some by legislatures and others by outside entities.

Archive: April 2, 2009

Kansas City, MO - Richard Green is just one of the 1.5 million people uninsured in Missouri, according to a new report from Families USA. He has multiple sclerosis and was laid off after twenty years in the trucking industry, and was cut from Medicaid when he received his first check for disability. ...Read More

Boston, MA – Patients will now be able to examine doctors in Massachusetts. Beginning today, health care consumers in Massachusetts can access new information regarding how well 150 medical groups performed relative to national standards for providing medical care. The information can be found ...Read More

Washington, D.C. – Both the U.S. House and Senate are expected to vote on the budget resolution this week. The Children's Defense Fund (CDF), a nonprofit group that has advocated for children for more than 35 years, hopes Congress will include President Obama's priorities. Ashley White with ...Read More

Albany, NY - Critics of a New York student loan program on the verge of passage say the program is wasteful, poorly structured and offers few safeguards for student borrowers. The New York Higher Education Loan Program (NYHELPs) is expected to be passed by the legislature, and will cost $50 million ...Read More

Denver, CO - It's a test that could save lives - and no studying is required. April is STD Awareness Month and local physicians across the state are encouraging young Coloradans to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Physician Mark Thrun directs the HIV/STD control program at Denver ...Read More

Columbus, Ohio – Ohio residents in need of food assistance are receiving welcome news. The food stamp benefit is increasing nearly 14 percent on average as part of the federal economic stimulus package. The increase will translate to an average increase of $25 per person per month for those wh ...Read More

Los Angeles, CA - Call it an online "dating service" for businesses: A new website is helping match small-business owners with mentors who can help them succeed during these tough economic times. It uses MicroMentor 2.0, a free online social networking tool designed to easily connect entrepreneurs w ...Read More

Helena, MT – A bill to fast-track environmental permits for energy projects in Montana is on its way to the governor, but more than a dozen citizen and conservation groups are raising a caution flag, questioning the need for speed. They say that in the name of "streamlining" the process, the b ...Read More

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